If you are interested in applying for affiliation, please fill out this form. Before you do so, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Site must be viewable in all major browsers
  • Can be portfolio, tutorial or graphic based - especially icon related.
  • Link Ratavancoi on all pages
  • No popups/inappropriate content
  • Have a maximum of 8 affiliates only


Current Affiliates

Dalya and I were link exchanges back when she owned Simplicity. When that came to an end, iconic gave her the chance to start fresh and actually enjoy what she does: icon making. She can be like a chameleon and make any style work to create fantastic graphics.
Memoria Aterna Design
It's been more than 2 years since meeting Krazim making us incredibly old pals. She has long grown out from her early MSD beginnings and continues to design with her own sense of creativity and style in this designing 'community'.
I met Cho not too long ago and she's not afraid to make good first impressions. "Simple(d)" may best describe the essence of her style, but it does not hold her down to experimenting in the years to come for her personal site.
Faded Melody
Fei and I go way back since Destiny Skies. Looking back, it was great luck to meet her and see her site evolve from name changes to more Gaia content. The majority of FM's site content are the result of an ever improving style.

Previous Contest Winners

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